SAPTopia’s On Demand Service Desk provides the expert advice, knowledge, experience, skill and processes to bring your vision of efficiency, consistency and competitive advantage to reality.

Trained, professional service desk technicians respond to Level 2 issues and then work with seasoned SAPTopia Vistex experts to propose and deliver creative and efficient solutions.


Main (213) 465-4830

Fax  (888) 255-9843

  1. 24 X 7 Level 2 Support

  2. On demand access to the industry’s most experienced Vistex professionals

  3. Forward thinking solutions

  4. Flexible terms

    - Pay per service

    - No contract minimums

    - Performance guarantees

  1. Coordinated sales, customer service and support powered by Salesforce.com®

Benefits of On Demand Service

  1. Vistex is live in production

  2. Level 1 support is effectively covered by customer (e.g., access, known issues)

  3. Intermittent support needs require expert level attention (e.g., application integration issues, moderate functional enhancements or extensions, other complex technical or functional issues)

  4. Customer lacks skill and experience among internal staff to develop effective solutions

Typical On Demand Customer

No minimum service required. In the unlikely event you are not satisfied, you are free to discontinue service.