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SAP ® VISTEX ® implementation services* AND

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Min Yu, Managing Partner, Services Delivery

Bringing Vision to Reality

SAPTopia specializes in SAP® software and configures Incentives and Paybacks solutions. We are dedicated to delivering leading edge technologies, people and processes to bring your vision to reality.

We will provide only the best of:

  1. Professional Services for your Vistex® implementation
  2. On Demand Support Desk for your incentives software
  3. SAP® Staff Augmentation

Always committed to provide our clients with measurable results, on time delivery and a seamless transition to new technology solutions, our senior consultants take the utmost pride in ensuring the success of our clients.


Our Services

Whatever needs you have in the areas of incentives management or SAP®, we will be more than happy to evaluate. We typically come up with a proposal that you’ll find hard to refuse. Reach out today to have a quick chat, and let’s see where this leads us. A solid partnership may be there waiting to be uncovered!

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Professional Services for Vistex®

We implement rebates software or improve your experience at any point in your application lifecycle.

  • Implement whole solution
  • Support your current vendor
  • Recover/fix known issues
  • Upgrade to V4 or other versions
Successful Project Past Performance Includes:
  • Chargebacks
  • Paybacks
  • Rebates
  • Contracts
  • Pricing
  • Commission
  • Claims
  • Master Data
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SAPTopia On-Demand Service Desk
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SAPTopia’s On Demand Service Desk
provides the expert advice, knowledge,
experience, skill and processes to
your vision
of efficiency, consistency
and competitive advantage
to reality.

Get on-demand access to the industry’s most experienced incentives management professionals:
  • 24 X 7 Level 2 Support
  • Forward thinking solutions
  • Flexible terms
  • Pay per service
  • No contract minimums
  • Performance guarantees
SAP® Staff Augmentation

We have a great track record of helping customers with SAP® staffing requirements, from a single resource to fully functional teams.

  • Experts with SAP Rebates software
  • SAP® Techno/Functional
  • Developers
  • BI resources
We staff anywhere from one to 15-20 resources at certain customers, during implementation, or anywhere in your lifecycle.
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Some of our customers

Since 2008 we provide global companies with the best resources on the market.
We deploy the right team, at the right time, at the right price in North America.

Whether you are considering Vistex® or starting your SAP® journey, are already in flight or need a course correction, we’re just around the corner.

Try our services and never look back!

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SAPTopia Business Development Manager, Yan Robert

Yan Robert, Managing Partner, Business Development


Why i Joined SAPTopia.

I used to be a customer...

Having delivered various strategic IT projects at global companies, I ran into SAPTopia for the first time in 2013. We had been called in to recover a major rebates software project and many tough decisions were required.

As the client PM, I had a lot of pressure to deliver and not much time to make the right decisions. I chose SAPTopia as my vendor, and never looked back. What was going to be a write-off became a successful project, and that client is still using the application 10 years later.

I worked with SAPTopia again twice over the years, different companies and projects, but same results. With a few more grey hair but still many active years ahead, an opportunity showed up to help Min Yu and his team as the growth continues while the quality remains.

Looking forward to meet you in my new role with SAPTopia!



Our teams have provided services to various industries:

  • High Technology
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Beverage and Food
  • Manufacturing, CPG
  • Chemicals, Mills
  • Life Science and Pharma
  • Medical Devices, etc

and the list keeps growing…

SAPTopia brought in very experienced SAP® Vistex architects (particularly in this niche area of complex contract models for pricing, fees and rebate strategies), who not only had the expertise in the software but were also well experienced in the end to end business process. SAPTopia implemented the global solution in a phased manner with first time quality within budget and timelines. The solution implemented was well received and adopted globally and there has been an increased demand from the business in rolling out Vistex functionality to support other areas of the business.

SAP® Director

Medical Device Company

SAPTopia is a valuable partner. They thoroughly vet the consultants for SAP® skills and soft skills through their very effective selection process which involves screening of candidates by veteran SAP® experts. Their consultants have shown great SAP® expertise, excellent work ethic and have blended right in with our IT and business teams. SAPTopia helps us to exceed commitments made to our business customers.

SAP® Director

Large Life Science Manufacturer

We engaged with SAPTopia at a time when the whole solution was in jeopardy. SAPTopia consultants not only showed their competence in the knowledge of Vistex but also showed exemplary ability in managing the user requirements.

Business Director

Major International Distribution Company

news and articles

Be sure to watch for regular updates here or on LinkedIn!

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Yan was on Underserved!

As one of the most popular IT podcasts in the US, Underserved has been around for a few years already, and our Business Development Manager

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