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Need to upgrade your Vistex ® software to V4? Something you should know!

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Is your organization planning an S4 upgrade? You may be surprised to learn that the Vistex ® upgrade to S4/V4 will require careful evaluation of your existing setup due to major architectural changes in the V4 version of the application.

Did you know that Vistex ® V4:

  • No longer creates IP Documents (what happens to all your existing documents?)
  • Does not utilize LIS / IP Bucket / New Matrix
  • No longer uses SAP Pricing Procedure, and Access Sequences

After hearing that, upgrading can seem like a daunting task. SAPTopia has helped numerous clients with their implementation and upgrades since 2008. We are a global leader in incentives software. Learn about how we can assist your organization educate, plan, and execute a seamless upgrade.

By partnering with SAPTopia, you get the best resources and won’t wait in line when other companies realize it’s getting late. Reach out now!

We will also be at Sapphire on May 16-17 if you happen to have resources attending the yearly event. We look forward to make the upgrade a success for you too!